The ups & downs of treatment

Being bipolar has never been an easy thing for me, nor for anyone I have met that has it. It has its ups and definitely has its downs, but did you know some treatment might help with those downs?

So when you first find out you have Bipolar Disorder the first thing the doctor tumblr_nww3ewXL9o1usrb1co1_500usually does is put you on some type of medication to see if it helps stabilize you.
This is called the “Trial & Error” period. During this horrible period, you either realize the treatment is actually meant for your good, or you just want the agony off all the side effects to go away. If the medicine is not right for you or your type of Bipolar Disorder, you could actually have a lot of Bipolar episodes get triggered, as well as having your depression and some suicidal behavior increase. So im going to help you in figuring out if the medicine you are taking is not right for you.

  • If out of nowhere you start feeling more depressed than usual, and its becoming a constant thing, after you have taken the medicine for a month or two. Talk to your doctor this is not normal, and can increase.
  • If you start feeling weird symptoms like “static vision”, “brain zaps”, getting more irritated than normal, black outs, irrational thinking. These are not good things, they can harm you.

I have personally been affected by medicine, and trust me its not fun. I talked to my doctor and he helped me find the medicine that was right for me and my type of Bipolar. My new treatment has worked wonders on me, and I live a normal life thanks to it.

Treatment is not a negative thing, it is a positive. Like any other thing it has its downs, but it mostly has positive things come out of it. Taking medicine to help cure your type of Bipolar Disorder is a great way in helping you have a stable life. Talking to a therapist, doctor, or a psychiatrist about your concerns, or getting answers to your bottled up questions, is always relieving and gives you more information in regards to where you are in your treatment. Remember your happiness matters, and treatment will help you in your fight against Bipolar disorder.