About Me

Hi my name is Susy Gonzalez, I am 22 years old and an aspiring
international business and marketing major. When I was a child I grew up
surrounded by the knowledge that in this world only two things mattered, seeing the world, and having a career you love. My goal in life is to make those two things happen by incorporating them together with the career choice I made. I am also a very hard working indiv10983376_868195819906452_1320710529393146167_n also doing school. To many people that seems like a very normal schedule but to me its a bit harder than most because I suffer from Bipolar disorder. When you have a very strong mental disability that takes up most of your time its hard to focus on the things that matter, and it can really make working a job even part time complicated. Even though I do suffer from this condition. I still wake up every single morning and tell myself that in life only two things matter and that is that im going to see the world one day. and ill have the job that I love.