This podcast is meant to give advice on how to deal with Bipolar disorder when it comes to relationships, work, and how important treatment is. I am also sharing a bit of my story! Enjoy

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How to deal with stress at work when you are bipolar.

Stress and the work place have gone hand in hand for decades! Everyone around the world knows what its like to be stressed at one point during a busy shift at work or just by one single customer complain. What if though you added a mood disorder in the mix like Bipolar Disorder? How much more would that multiply your stress?

When I first found out I was Bipolar I didn’t want to really acknowledge it so when I got my first job and we were having a grand opening event I crumbled under tumblr_npgikqQrZe1s4yxszo1_1280
pressure. I was sent into a manic episode instantly, and I had to get hospitalized. That moment I realized that maybe I should take my mood disorder more seriously especially if my work environment was going to be so hectic, and I was going to be constantly stressed out. As I read up
on my Bipolar Disorder I realized that stressful environments should be avoided especially if around big crowds constantly, but with the economy these days and the limited jobs many people like myself don’t have that option. So I read some great tips on how to deal with stress at work if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

  • Always remember it is going to be okay.
  • Learn breathing exercises or better yet get a habit that gets your mind off stress instantly, I tap my finger tips in song motion and purposely mess up to distract myself from the stress as I try to fix the song rhythm.
  • You don’t have to tell anyone at work or your boss but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND telling your boss or someone in case your stress is to much to handle. Majority of the time you will be allowed to take an extra break or possibly go home to rest.
  • Make sure to not push yourself to hard or rush things. Take your time.
  • Really think about any decision you make carefully since we do tend to act or make decisions impulsively.
  • Call your therapist if all else fails, and always keep your in case of an emergency mood stabilizers or anxiety medicine in your bag for that purpose.

For more helpful information check out this website, its full of great information. Bipolar Disorder at Work

Are you bipolar and looking for a job?

When I was a young girl all I ever wanted to do was travel the world and find a job that I would love. Growing up that dream slowly started fading away when I found out I was Bipolar. At the time I thought because I was diagnosed Bipolar that it meant that I was crazy, and that no job would want me to work for them because no one explained to me what it really was. When I started college I decided to finally stop pretending that I was “normal” and research what I had. tumblr_n90h2tlPQd1r1arpmo1_540Looking up Bipolar articles and information is a very hard thing to do, especially when you can relate to everything the person in the article is talking about. After much research about symptoms, and daily things people can go through I finally looked up what jobs bipolar people can take. The variety was shocking to me, there were so many jobs a person with this sort of condition could take without it affecting the condition more or their work. Slowly I started to realize that maybe I could travel the world through a career that would allow me so and would also work well with my condition and that was International Business and Marketing.

When I was researching I realized that maybe all the information im finding in regards to finding a job with bipolar disorder could be helpful to others. Many people think because they have a mental condition that they are limited to the pleasures and opportunities in life, but they are wrong. The world is a very open place, and times have changed and more people are willing to work with you even with certain conditions so you can achieve your dreams. Of course their are some things that any person with Bipolar must know before going into a job.

Here im going to list things you should know:

  1. Always let the person who is going to hire you know that you do suffer from a mental condition. You are not obligated to by law, but by letting them know they can work around your condition, give you extra sick days, and be more understanding in regards to certain situations.
  2. We work better as individuals.
  3. Calm environments are better, working in a hectic environment isnt healthy, for anyone.
  4. Do not let your Bipolar disorder become your excuse, you can do anything you set your mind too.

Now I only gave a very brief summary of things we should consider before applying for a job but this blog explains further if you would like more information. Here is the Link 8 career success strategies for bipolar disorder.

Another thing I learned during this research process is that people with bipolar disorder work best when they have their own businesses, that is one of the reasons I chose Int. Business and marketing. This blog also gives you some ideas on why. Finding work that works when you’re bipolar.

Lastly don’t ever think you are not capable of doing anything because you are bipolar. The world has changed and now people are willing to work with you to make sure you can become successful but no one can help unless you help yourself first. Here is a link to a website that really can help you in figuring out how you can help yourself over come some of the obstacles we have because of our condition. Not only will this site help you learn more about your condition but it will help you understand it so when you apply for a job you are ready to take on the world. Help Guide