Lets talk social media!

Hey guys! So I just got done with my social media class and it was definitely an interesting experience. Through out the class I learned a lot about myself, my condition, and social media. Well enough about that lets move on to the interesting stuff!

Did you guys know social media has been linked to causing more Social-Media-and-Mental-Healthdepression? ADHD? ADD? and other mental illnesses?A study from Ottawa Public Health, the city of Ottawa’s agency for health information, programs and services, shows that teens who use social media sites for about 2 or more hours a day are more likely to suffer from mental illness, psychological distress and some suicidal thoughts. CRAZY HU?? Well sadly its true!

But its not all bad, social media has also helped in bringing awareness to mental illnesses, and helped many teens voice their concerns, ideas, and get help through it! Companies such as BuzzFeed are doing their best to bring awareness to mental illness by having events such as Mental Health Week, posting videos in regards to it, and letting their viral fame be used for the purpose of letting others know they arent alone.

So I guess the opinion in regards to social media and mental illness depends on whose reading this.What do you guys think about this study showing that mental illness is linked to social media?