Mental illness linked to creativity?

So I have neglected this blog for what seems to be ages now, and im sorry about that, its just my good old bestie mania came to visit and well she decided to stay longer than I anticipated! Anyways to those that dont know what mania is, its a side of bipolar that can be dangerous and needs to be taken care off immediately. It can cause you to go off into a downward spiral of over spending, paranoia, euphoria, it can cause you to be delusional, and make give you extreme elevated emotions, some people can even go as far as thinking they have super powers. Thankfully for me this mini episode has been full of great support, a lot of staying indoors and my fiance monitoring my card since I seem to blow through my money like its a cleanex on a cold winter morning.

Now that I finished my tangent, lets talk about mental illnesses and how they can turn some into artists. Mental illness can be linked to creativity through many test that will be provided in the video thats below this paragraph! Isn’t that weird, something that is associated as bad, can be something that can help someone create something so beautiful! Many famous people like Demi Lovato, great painters like Vincent van gough, and even Albert Einstein suffered from a mental illness! Interesting hu? Well heres the video let me know what you think in the comments below!